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    B'Day 專輯封面

    歌名Encore For The Fans 歌手名 Beyoncé


    Beyoncé - Encore For The Fans I wanted to give all of my fans something extra Because this album was so special to me And it came so effortlessly after I finished The film of my life 'Dreamgirls' Because I was so inspired by Deena I wrote songs that were saying all the things I wish she woulda said in the film And I wanted to give you an extra special song That Deena sings, it's a pivotal moment When Deena finally does get the strength to stand up for herself And does know who she is, and knows what she wants I'm sure all of you women can relate to the lyrics This is Listen


    專輯名 B'Day
    歌手名 Beyoncé
    發行日 2006-09-25