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    Rod Stewart 專輯封面

    歌名Ten Days of Rain 歌手名 Rod Stewart



    專輯:Rod Stewart / Every Beat Of My Heart (Expanded Edition) 歌曲:Ten Days Of Rain The wind cries on the boardwalk Oh God it's cold tonight Somewhere in the city Someone's holding her tight He's telling her she's beautiful Touching her long blond hair He's found out all the secrets We swore we'd never share Oh it drives me crazy To think of her with him Come back baby Come back home again Chorus: Ten days of rain Ten days of rain My heart is filled with pain Will she ever come back again Ten days of rain She said I'm tired of talking Trying to get it through to you You never tell me you love me That's all I want you to do I thought we had a future Something to hold on to We even talked of children Something I never do She loved me like no other She held me like a child Come back baby come back home again Chorus The thought of her still haunts me Her voice is everywhere Ten days of rain Ten days of rain I can hear the freight train whistle I can hear the church bells toll But telephone line when it's off the hook That's the loneliest sound of 'em all In the letter that she wrote me Before she went away She said darling always remember Love ain't a hard word to say Ten days of rain Ten days of rain such pain Will she ever come back again I don't know I don't know Come back baby I'm so lonely baby Ten days of rain ten days of rain Is it raining all raining all Raining all over this world


    專輯名 Rod Stewart
    歌手名 Rod Stewart
    發行日 2008-11-17