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    Meddle 專輯封面

    歌名San Tropez (1992 Digital Remaster) 歌手名 Pink Floyd



    專輯:好管閒事 (Meddle) (2011 全新錄製版) 歌曲:San Tropez As I reach for a peach Slide a rind down behind the sofa in San Tropez Breaking a stick with a brick on the sand Riding a wave in the wake of an old Sedan Sleeping alone in the drone of the darkness Scratched by the sand that fell from our love Deep in my dreams and I still hear her calling If you're alone I'll come home Backwards and home bound The pidgeon the dove Gone with the wind and the rain on an airplane Owning a home with no silver spoon I'm drinking champaigne like a big tycoon Sooner than wait for a break in the weather I'll gather my far flung thoughts together Speeding away on a wind to a new day If your alone I'll come home And I pause for a while By a country style And listen to things they say Digging for gold in the hoe in my hand Hoping they'll take a look at the way things stand And you're leading me down to the place by the sea I hear your soft voice calling to me Making a date for later by phone if you're alone I'll come home


    專輯名 Meddle
    歌手名 Pink Floyd
    發行日 1984-08-15