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    Bon Jovi: Special Edition 專輯封面

    歌名Get Ready 歌手名 Bon Jovi



    You need someone to make it last No Romeos who'll love and leave you fast They fade away Tonight you're not gonna be alone Making love on the telephone Baby, baby if you can hold on I'm gonna take you all the way tonight I like'em down and dirty, hold on tight Chorus: Come on get ready Come on get ready You're looking sharp in your dancing shoes You got the style and you got the moves Oh you're so hot, girl and on the loose You're caught up in a danger zone Just seventeen but you act full grown The nightlife is turning you on You want to take me all the way tonight Take my hand, you can feel the heat Make you feel alright Chorus Come on Come on


    專輯名 Bon Jovi: Special Edition
    歌手名 Bon Jovi
    發行日 2010-05-24