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    Slippery When Wet (Special Edition) 專輯封面

    歌名Social Disease 歌手名 Bon Jovi


    You can read it in the papers In some places it comes in 32 flavours But you wouldn't tell no one your favourite If you could From the White House to the alleys From the President and down to long tall Sally Can't live with it but you'd die without it Yes you would Senorita's in the kitchen She's a fist full of dynamite You're calling 911 But you can't stop the fun tonight, it's alright Chorus: You can't start a fire without a spark But there's something that I guarantee You can't hide when infection starts Because love is a social disease Where you look you can find it Try to run but you're always behind it So you play hide and seek like a blind kid Till you're caught, yeah you're caught So you say, hey, that you had some But they took it and held it for ransom Were they tall fat skinny or handsome You won't talk So you telephone your doctor Just to see what pills to take You know there's no prescription Gonna wipe this one away Chorus She's so full of high grade octane She could blow the bullet train on 38 double D's You know for sure, she knows the cure To make any blind man see Chorus x2 Nothing a shot can't cure