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Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)

Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)




Usher Usher yaaaaah man true story Real G's wit me on this one yah yah yah yah Wifey home wedding band I'm a lucky man You'd think I'd be satisfied and truthfully yes I am But lately only late at night I find it hard to sleep Stay struggling with the part of me that wants to run the streets My Mac is in my backpack I'm surfing on the sites I'm chatting this ain't cheating jus telling myself a lie And it's almost like I'm caught up and living another life Man I'm hungry for something I need to feed this appetite Tempted I must confess but I better not make a mess Better give my girl my vest cuz my??? under arrest Cuz I love my lady Fellas if ya love your girl fight that appetite for the ladies appetite for the ladies Coulda picked up the phone could of ended up doing wrong Man I miss home but I ate my dinner at home cuz I love my lady Fellas if ya love your girl fight that appetite for the ladies appetite for the ladies I'm not trying to be late rush through security gates With weather in Atlanta all out going flights delayed No rooms left in the Mender Inn I gotta figure out a play Sparked up some conversation she was going the same way We started talking business she handed me a card We exchanged information I rented me a car While I'm driving she calling I'm thinking this is how it starts Fine as **** but I don't wanna break my baby's heart no nonooo. (Chorus) They call me U.S.H.E.R R.A.Y.M.O.N.D And I just wanna do right by my lady But lately I been slippin up fanasty bout dimes on the side Dark tint on my ride I gotta 10 in ride I can hide I can't lie lie but ever since I put that band on my hand More and more chicks trying to get at me Then I don't know what to do Just trying to handle my grown man B.I Got a girl I don't want to lose I don't want to lose Break her heart I do want to do I don't want to be that fool Make that move Bend them a bit but never break the rules bend a bit but never break the rules (Chorus) She got the door locked and the lock don't fit your key Yah you punching up her numbers in the ADT You'll be wondering how the **** this happen to me Better not feed feed feed that appetite Now your baby's gone you putting out???? And some other brother been tossing up your???? Get caught slippin you gone wish you would of listen to meeee Brother don't feed feed feed that appetite. Usher Usher Ussshh
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