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    Collections 專輯封面

    歌名Stranger In My Life 歌手名 Marvin Gaye


    suddenly a stranger entered my life Like i pictured her to be Started my emotions running free Oh just like the waters in the sea As she looked at me with a smile so sincere My heart started to sing in a voice i'm sure she could hear I reached out for a tender loving kiss Only to find my love didn't even exist oh baby I then realized it was just a dream The candlelight burning such a radiant beam Oh how i yearned for this dream to come true For just one exciting moment with someone like you But as i sat there with tears falling from my eyes I seemed to dream a thousand and one sighs Yeah hope was passing by with a slow unhappy pace And all there was for me was the bitterest taste Oh baby stranger in my life surely it was Stranger in my life oh baby But as i sat there tears falling from my eyes The stranger in my life reached out Honey reached out for me And opened my world of loneliness with a magical kiss Stranger in my life tell you she's so fine Stranger in my life she's wonderful Stranger in my life telling you she's fine Stranger in my life


    專輯名 Collections
    歌手名 Marvin Gaye
    發行日 2009-09-07