Save You

Save You

Simple Plan



感謝 j0936638118 提供 Take a breath, I'll pull myself together. Just another step until I reach the door You'll never know the way, It tears me up inside to see you I wish that I could tell you something to take it all away. (Chorus) Sometimes I wish I could save you and there's so many things that I want you to know I won't give up till it's over if it takes you forever, I want you to know (Verse 2) when I hear your voice, it's drowning in the whispers your just skin and bones there's nothing left to take and no matter what I do I can't make you feel better if only I could find the answer to help me understand [chorus] (Bridge) [that] if you fall, stumble down, I'll pick you up off the ground. If you lose faith in you, I'll give you strength to pull through. Tell me you won't give up, cause I'll be waiting here if you fall you know I'll be there for you if only I could find the answer, to take it all away [chorus] ohh, ohh I wish I could save you... ohh, ohh I want you to know... Ohh, ohh I wish I could save you...



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