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    Songs In A Minor 專輯封面

    歌名Never Felt This Way 歌手名 Alicia Keys


    專輯:Songs In A Minor (10th Anniversary Edition) (Deluxe Edition) 歌曲:Never Felt This Way 作詞:Brian McKnight Brandon Barnes 作曲:Brandon Barnes Brian McKnight There will never come a day You will never hear me say That I want or need to be without you I wanna give my all Baby just hold me Simply control me Because your arms they keep away the lonelys When I look into your eyes Then I realize All I need is you in my life All I need is you in my life Cause I never felt this way about lovin' No Never felt so good baby Never felt this way about love and it feels so good


    專輯名 Songs In A Minor
    歌手名 Alicia Keys
    發行日 2001-06-05