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    Songs In A Minor 專輯封面

    歌名Caged Bird 歌手名 Alicia Keys


    專輯:Songs In A Minor (10th Anniversary Edition) (Deluxe Edition) 歌曲:Caged Bird 作詞:Alicia Keys 作曲:Alicia Keys Right now I feel like a bird Caged without a key Everyone comes to stare at me With so much joy and revelry They don't know how I feel inside Through my smile I cry They dont know what they do to me Keeping me from flyin Thats why I say that I know why the caged bird sings Only joy comes from song She's so rare and beautiful to others Why not just set her free So she can fly fly fly Spreading her wings and her song Let her fly fly fly For the whole world to see She's like a caged bird Fly fly Oh just let fly Just let her fly Let her fly Spread wings Spread beauty


    專輯名 Songs In A Minor
    歌手名 Alicia Keys
    發行日 2001-06-05