Skew It On The Bar-B

Skew It On The Bar-B






Ms. Jackson

Ms. Jackson




[Intro/Chorus: OutKast] Old school players to new school fools 'Kast keep it jumpin like kangaroos but skew it on the bar-b we ain't tryin to lose Say 'I be got damnit they done changed the rules' [repeat 2X] [Verse One: Andre Benjamin] The common denominator, the nigga numerator Never know who the hater, niggaz cater to your ego I'm sorry like Atari whose the cousin to Coleco.. Vision caught a Rico, back on the street like Chico.. DeBarge he large and got a 'Llac in the garage Outkast Few parts here and there, I declare hard, my lawd One at Clark, one at Spelman Both know each other and it's cool, you can tell when he step off in the party women jump for joy But all the wild niggaz scheamin they gon' jump the boy for spittin all that bourgeoise, my watch, my car I'm a star -- I'd rather be a comet by far -- rrrahhh! [Chorus] [Verse Two: Raekwon the Chef] Deliver this through your audio, ghetto mafioso Grow hydro, then bag it up yo Price that longevity, suggest make moves slow take time grow eight, react nine blow Hydro slide raw like fuck Renaldo Fly ride though, shit lookin wild dope then glide yo, flippin the page, I go Watch five-oh, jump on my meat, ride slow Watch those, undercovers, cop those, rock those Keep a watch froze, lean on the yacht and wash clothes Let the chop' blow, bag a half a block plot grows, what? [Chorus] [Verse Three: Big Boi] Boi, I bust raps like D-boys bust gats, shit We the type of people that don't bury the axe or the hatchet, everytime we see your link we snatch it Ridin round our hood talkin that dumb shit, your cabbage is cracked, like plumber's ass, and summer's grass I been in the game for a minute, seen some suckaz like y'all passin thinkin you're light skinned, aight then, lil' boy why you frightened? The Dungeon Family gon' be here nigga so keep writing I gotta hit The Source, I need my other half a mic because that _Southerplayalisticadillacmuzik_ was a classic, right! College Park, East Pointe and Decatur they got my back, so We gon' keep on jammin and stabbin off in the track, ahh Think it's time to bungee but buddy we will be back and I'm fin' to put some D's on the 'Llac, know dat! [Chorus]
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