Claimin' True

Claimin' True




Hey Ya!

Hey Ya!

Speakerboxxx/The Love Below



[Big Boi] Well it is I, the pimp playin nigga that you heard about Yeah, I got the money and a half a million dope houses I got the hookers on the go and playa rhymes that I fuck with I buy amps that pops my trunk swift I've been a player since the age of two That's when I learned to walk, grab my crotch, talk Do how them hoe sellers do See born and raised as a pimp, that's what I claim to be Always claimin true to what I do and then fuck what I see I pledge allegiance to the streets, that's where I growed up And make my money cuz my daddy never showed up But fuck it, I'm on my own, I'm in my zone And nothin wrong, you don't belong, you left me standing alone Outkast Yeah, I'm the nigga with the feather in my hat Finger waves and snake skins, shit, I got all that But you ain't know I'm the one dippin and dodgin bullets The price you pay when you behind it steady tryin to pull it So Dolemite, Dolemite not shit, I studied the Mack and Rudy Ray Moore They were my idols when I was a kid From nappy head, greasy face, eatin watermelon To drug dealer, armed robber, now, to big felon chorus: repeat 2X I wonder how you would react if you was in my shoes I put in work and did the dirt, that's how I payed my dues Uh, 1-2-3, that's how it be So all the real niggaz step up like the playas that's in back of me [Dre] All heavenly Father, why do you even bother watchin over me A lawyer or a doctor but I felt like comin harder Packed a shank up in my socks when I started kindergarten This ain't no secret garden, so you fly when niggaz flee If it is one of my own, I'm lettin the trigger be Cuz I got love for any nigga who got love for me And then I get a slap of dap when I'm slangin quarter keys Just tryin to make it, then of age, come through, take it I ain't forgot about y'all women who be workin niggaz butt naked At Magic City, shakin titties just to pay the rent Lord, tryin to hustle must be somethin that was heaven sent But I ain't got no sense, that's what I got them thinkin I think about payback, strap myself and keep on dankin Cuz I be takin the rough side of the mountain If you cross my path, I'll leave you drainin like a fountain Yes it's been like that since way back, in 1975 Been taught to hustle with muscle and even try to strive So little botty bwoy better say your prayers You better learn some street sense before somebody lay ya chorus: repeat 4X
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