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    Glad Rag Doll 美麗情挑 專輯封面

    歌名When The Curtain Comes Down 歌手名 Diana Krall



    Come on bring up the curtain and let the play being We are actors and here's our gig Life's a stage where it takes your best to win So give it your all folks while you may Too soon the shadows they call And someday that curtain will fall If you are rich , if you are poor It's all the same I'm sure When the curtain comes down Just go along doing your best And you'll find peace and rest When the curtain comes down What if everything goes wrong What if sorrow comes along Hide your feelings from the throne Life can't always be a song While you are here if you play fair You will be welcomed up there When the curtain comes down While the heroes are applauded The villain is hist The heroin's happy She's fond of and pissed We smile at the ending We'll laugh at the clown And when it's all over The curtain,the curtain comes down