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    Best A.I. 專輯封面

    歌名All For You 歌手名 AI


    Every time when I try to get better I make the same mistake again And Looking for what... didn't know what I what oh Just going around and around But then you came into my life And truned my life around I never felt so special And now I know the reason why When I saw you I had to stop by That's long ago We still have a same goal All my love All my life I will stand be your side All my strength All my heart I'll give you anything I can hear in my heart When I was in the dark You showed me where I'm supposed to go いつも今もこの先ずっと キミと時を越えてくでしょ どんなことからも守るから たとえ何かを失ったとしても….


    專輯名 Best A.I.
    歌手名 AI
    發行日 2009-01-01