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    Exclusive 專輯封面

    歌名Down 歌手名 Chris Brown



    Chris Brown - Down I wanna get down, down, down, down, down, down, down, Get down! We can get down! Mr.West is in the building, Children, ladies Call the shrink up, they about to go crazy. Hold ya drinks up like u was celebratin Hold ya guns if they is hella hatin I'm so clean and them, they got rabbies I can see it through my lense of my ray b As way fierce, um hum. Ye, do u play fair? Uhn uhn! Grab ya remote, the reason they made TiVo. Snap ya Nikons at the icon wit Nikes on. I heard u like to do it wit the lights on. But i really make babies when the mic's on. Check out all my kids that braught all my cribs, Got me out that apartment. U hav got to pardon him. I am so retarded wit the spit like a retarded kid that spits- Oops, i didn't mean to say that shit. I told my homie Chris these chicks is dangerous. You need a girl that's A list, not one that just barely made it on a list. Cuz from Wall to wall we got it poppin right now. It's a hundred girls tryna get down, down, down. Baby gurl gotta tell ya. I seen u somewhere before, u look familiar. U had a red shirt, Gucci slacks and the Gucci bag to match. Tell me u remember that baby girl! That lady, neva mind that. Can i take u out lata? And here's my contact. Can you do me this favor? Let me spend this paper on u cuz it's jus sittin here, let's jus ready to go! Let me (Let me), Let me (let me) Guarantee (guarantee), guarantee(guarantee) I'll make your daaay, okay! I wanna get down,down,down,down,(Get down!)down,down,down! Get down!(OOOOh!) We can get down. (Down.) The way i see it girl, you a perfect ten. That's why i'm all on you baby, You got me wanderin, What to do, what to say, Don't wanna come off lame. Girl do got a man? Betta yet, girl what's ya name? Let me (Let me), Let me (let me) Guarantee (guarantee), guarantee(guarantee) I'll make your daaay, okay! Now if u wit it shawty(shawty, shawty(shawty). Let me (Let me), Let me (let me), Take ya breath away(take ya breath away)! Baby can we dream jus for today? To all my ladies, Sexy ladies! I wanna get dooown, witcha! Ladies, ladies I wanna get dooown, witcha!


    專輯名 Exclusive
    歌手名 Chris Brown
    發行日 2007-11-08