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    Ms. Kelly 專輯封面

    歌名This Is Love 歌手名 Kelly Rowland


    Can you describe the moment When two people fall in love? Some say the clouds will spin in circles And the rain will turn to dust The poor will start to laugh Even the rich will start to cry It can sneak up like a soldier It can wake you up at night Thats what i feel when i'm standing here with you Its what my heart has sworn to be true This is love Its written on my face Its the way i lean my body towards you Even when i'm a hundred miles away This is love Like a diamond in the sand It took so long to find you I cant wait another day to say This is love This is love You take my imperfections And turn them into art If i can change one thing about you There would be no place to start You are safety without numbers You are dangerously wild But you're sweeter than rock candy And you ease my inner child Its what i feel when im standing here with you Its what my heart has sworn to be true No im no easy angel Im moody like the wind I am impatient,complicated I am fragile deep within But you're no fool And im no little girl Have we not found There is love in the world


    專輯名 Ms. Kelly
    歌手名 Kelly Rowland
    發行日 2007-06-25