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    Tougher Than Leather 專輯封面

    歌名They Call Us Run-D.M.C. 歌手名 RUN-DMC



    Now that I waxed the crowd, I'm feeling proud and loud Shoulda screamed on a sucker, but I stepped and bowed Now that I'm back to 'tract, I'll attack for fun Darryl Mack and ? is never wack or lack they call us I'm strapped with rap when I attack, I'm stunning Darrly Mack on track and I'm off, and running Don't sneak this peak, because I keep, on taking the lead with speed, and records keep, on breaking I pop and drop, all opp-osition and pop hip-hop, cause I'm the top, position I ill and chill, cause my skill, is super For a mill I thrill, but I'm still, a trooper I'll slay and stay til there are none So romance and dance and prance, a to the chants of Well I stomp and chomp, all comp-etition Make break and take you cold on, a mission Raise hell, excel, and tell you, who's winning I'm boss, you lost, before the game, first inning Let's go and flow, to the rhymes, I'm saying Cause it's fun for Run to see the crowd, obeying Mic be checking I'm wrecking we're never second to none So let's snap and clap and tap, to the to the rap of I'm not the king because (cause) I sell the most I just bring the laws (laws) cause I'm the host I got a crown I wear ( So what it mean?) I rule I come to town they stare ( Cause D.M.C.) is cool ? because, the crowd, is on it Drop this beat and pause, the tables are turning Break backs on track and I can even act So max, relax, new jacks, and get the facts from They call us on the phone They call us all alone They call us where we roam They call us when we're home They call us up to par They call us in our cars They call us in the bars They call us superstars! They call us "Run-D.M.C. and Jam Master Jay..."


    專輯名 Tougher Than Leather
    歌手名 RUN-DMC
    發行日 1988-05-17