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    This Is Me...Then 專輯封面

    歌名Baby I Love U ! 歌手名 Jennifer Lopez


    Boy I never knew I could feel The way I felt, when I felt the way You were feeling me baby I'm so out of control, Yeah Every time you look my way I realize more and more How much I adore those pretty eyes Of yours, I'm helpless baby What I wanna know is Are you willing to try? Can you love me for a lifetime In just one night? Chorus: Baby I love you (love you) Baby I need you (need you) I gotta have you (I gotta have you babe) Can't be without you (be without you) REPEAT CHORUS Blessed and cursed on the same day, The day that I first felt the power of you Inside of me, such a strong feeling, There comes a time in everyone's life When you know, and everyone around you knows That everything is changed, You're not the same, It's a new day Oh what I wanna know is, Are you willing to try There's gotta be more meaning to this Than what meets the eye Baby I love you (baby i need you).........(2nd time: yeah yeah!) Baby I need you (gotta have you baby).........(2nd time:i gotta have you!) I gotta have you (can't be without you).........(2nd time:yeah yeah yeah!) Can't be without you (baby i love you) REPEAT CHORUS Oh, I love the way you kiss me Oh, baby please I'm about to lose my mind Oh talk to me, 'cause I'm begging for you And I'm down on my knees Baby, I know you're the one that I need Baby I love you You know I need you I gotta have you Can't be without you REPEAT CHORUS