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    The Columbia Studio Recordings (1964-1970) 專輯封面

    歌名Voices of Old People 歌手名 Simon & Garfunkel



    I got little in this world. I give honesty without regret. One hundred dollars for that picture. I remember taking a picture with... Ooh! Let me show you. Let me show you our picture. This was me and my husband when we were first married. I always slept on one side, left room for my husband. And that's me when we were sixteen. But this, this, this, this is not the case. I still do it. I still lay on the half of the bed. (pause) We used to sneak in... Still haven't seen the doctor I was seein'; there's been blood for the last, eh, forty-eight hours, and I can't get up the mucus for the last, eh, two, three months... oh yes, and I maintain, I maintain strongly, to this minute, I don't think it's an ordinary cold. God forgive me, but an old person without money is pathetic. Children, and mothers, that's the way we have it. A mother they are . 'Cause mothers do too much. That is mother's life, to live for your child. (pause) Yes, my dear. I couldn't get younger. I have to be an old man. That's all. Well... Are you happy here, honey? Are you happy living with us? So anytime I walk with Lou and... that's all. Mr. Singer? Are you happy living with us here? But we don't do that, dear. But are you happy? If you mean, if, if you could say, yes, and I thought, and I was so happy, and everybody, "What is this? What is it?" It just is, beautiful. Like, just a room. Your own room, in your own home.