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    Underground Luxury - Amended 專輯封面

    歌名One Day 歌手名 B.o.B


    [Hook:] I know one day, I won't have to wait in line I know one day, I'mma get keys to that new ride I know one day I'll be fine And I know one day I'll get mine And I know one day, hell it might be Monday [Verse 1: B.o.B] I remember thinking man I need a decent ride And I would have to ask my momma for the keys to drive With my brother riding in an old Cutlass Black and mild whole roof busted Well who knows maybe one day we'll have a little more We'll finally shop somewhere else besides the corner store My little sister say she gotta have a pair of Dior's But right now they'll probably stop us before we hit the door My Uncle say that's how it is where we come from And if it weren't for bad luck, we wouldn't have none Hard to tell the good days from the bad ones If I could catch a shooting star then I would grab one I'd grab one for real [Hook] [Verse 2: B.o.B.] I remember feelin' trapped and no I couldn't get out And when they laid my momma of no it just didn't amount I still remember how she looked when she walked into the house But still she tried her best to show what was Christmas about And if we wanted hot water we had to microwave it And everyday the power cut off but we tolerate it The thoughts of all the beats I lost because I forgot to save 'em I'm screaming at me in the mirror like "I gotta make it!" My teacher tryin' to get through to me because of my behaviour I said "I got big dreams and I gotta chase 'em" I never cared a damn thing about a college major I only had one need, that was a lot of paper But see I never had a thing but a lot of prayers After school, open mic night, rockin' stages It all started from a demo, to a limo From a limo, to a Lambo And all of this came up outta Decatur Cos... [Hook] [Bridge:] I used to dream about these days and the thing that I'd do Had to get a new life, cos the old just won't do I used to dream shades of grey, now the sky's shinin' blue And everyday it feels like there's a way I can't lose [Hook 2:] Cos I knew one day, I wouldn't have to wait in line I knew one day, I would get keys to that new ride I knew one day I'd be fine And I knew one day I'd get mine And I knew one day, and not just Monday