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    Underground Luxury - Amended 專輯封面

    歌名Forever (feat. Playboy Tre) 歌手名 B.o.B


    (feat. Playboy Tre) [Hook: B.o.B] Nothing is forever easy Nothing is forever easy Nothing is forever easy So 'till I die I’ll be forever livin' [Verse 1: B.o.B] Started with my pockets slim (Started with my pockets slim) Now I got a lot of M’s They see me and they know it’s him Oh they oh they know it’s him I’m so high I don’t even get high no more I’m so fly I don’t even let it down no more I’m so out there I’m going up no more Niggas still hate and I don’t even know why no more [Bridge: B.o.B] I don’t know why, I don’t know why These niggas lame and I don’t know why I don’t know why, I don’t know why We ain’t the same and I don’t know why [Hook: B.o.B] [Verse 2: B.o.B] Motherfuck your opinion, show you where you can stick it I swear they worse than these bitches, all these niggas got feelings They say I got too many women, I’m just keepin it pimpin The way she mastered that P, I guess she keep it no limit Now watch get in it, super gold ceiling, smoking on ignorant Me, I’m so different, I just stand out, these niggas be blending in They say I’m too hot, they say I’m too hood, now that’s a predicament But as you can see the path that I’m on, success is just imminent But at least I know I’m gonna learn And I know I know I got my work You see these niggas out there and they sho is lurkin Cuz this life ain’t fair and it sure ain’t perfect [Bridge & Hook: B.o.B] [Verse 3: Playboy Tre] Yeah, everybody talk like they so cold But when this shit jump off they ain’t cares no more I’m a white French like east side bro And all my black friends you know them They be like fuck them lyin' ass hoes Maybe ask for double So why they hatin I don’t have a clue Nigga's wanna brag about money? Guess what nigga, we got money too Tre boy, Playboy You can call me Christmas dad And if yo freak wanna try to jump down Imma keep puffin that lilly pad [Bridge & Hook: B.o.B]