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    Underground Luxury - Amended 專輯封面

    歌名We Still In This B**** (feat. T.I. and Juicy J) 歌手名 B.o.B


    (feat. Juicy J, T.I.) [Hook] I'm in my zone I'm feeling it Stop blowing my buzz quit killing it So buy another round, They try to shut us down Bout an hour ago but we still in this bitch We still in this, we still in this bitch, we still in this Turn this shit up loud And buy another round They try to shut us down Bout an hour ago but we still in this bitch [Verse 1] I pull up, pull up, pull up, in that automatic cook up B. Rich pull up in that rooster til we wake the fuckin hood up Got all these pounds of ganja, I work out I'm doin kush-ups Bobby Bands is in the building, pop that pussy, throw a foot up In the air, one time for a nigga like me, With a squad like this Where the team so strong, And the flow so cold, ain't nothin but some bad bitches in my clique Wassup Eastside? We in this bitch They think they seein me, but they ain't seen shit Girls on the pole, yeah they make me rich Girls at my shows, wanna take my pic Yeah, we can do this here all night, can't tell me nothin can't tell me shit All in my zone, all on my own Open that pack, Rollin that strong And we still up in this, won't turn down, won't go home [Hook] [Verse 2 - T.I.] I got big wheels on my ride Spent bout 6 mills on my ride You catch me swervin all over your side of town bumpin bitch don't kill my vibe Don't blow my hide just blow my guy I'm so paid I'm so fly Your baby daddy disrespect me black his eye, that's no lie I'm on my square, blowin circles in the air, of that purple Ima boss and you a worker, listen here boy dont make me hurt you You want trouble, I got plenty How you want it, full or semi I'm so rich so all that fuck boy shit you kickin don't offend me Don't get killed off in this bitch I spit mills all in this shit Boy it's been 11 years of this shit Look at me now still in this bitch I stand tall no cant fall You pussy ass niggas can't touch it g See me don't speak ain't nothin g I'm in my zone nigga don't fuck with me AYE [Hook] [Verse 3 - Juicy J] Juicy J stay in the club, me and all my niggas All these bad bitches, all this free liquor Surrounded by so many women one of these hoes might be your wife She lookin for a nigga that's ballin so tonite might be her night You know me I stay stuntin low key I threw tuition at onyx Flip money fast lil sonny rich nigga I speak Ebonics Gotta new car I paid cash Gotta new crib with a weed lab Crisp bills I need that Fuck your team where the freaks at Hundred deep in VIP niggas always hatin I came in with a bunch of goons and I'm leavin out with this lady I got your boo in my Bugatti she bout to swallow my babies My system loud my weed loud no hair clippers I'm faded TRIPPY [Hook]