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    MAGIC 魔法 專輯封面

    歌名Please Come Home For Christmas 歌手名 大橋三重唱


    Bells will be ringing this sad sad New Years Oh what a Christmas to have the blues My baby's gone and I have no friends To wish me greetings once again Cries will be singing Silent Night Christmas carols by candlelight Please come home for Christmas Please come home for Christmas If not for Christmas by New Years night Friends and relations send salutations Sure as the stars shine above But this is Christmas yes Christmas my dear It's the time of year to be with the ones you love So won't you tell me you'll never more roam Christmas and new Years will find you home There'll be no more sorrow no grief and pain And I'll be happy, happy once again Oh there'll be no more sorrow, no grief and pain And I'll be happy, Christmas once again


    專輯名 MAGIC 魔法
    歌手名 大橋三重唱
    發行日 2013-12-09