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    Give Me Strength: The '74/'75 Recordings 專輯封面

    歌名Don't Blame Me 歌手名 Eric Clapton



    Hear my story and listen well; Truth is in all that I tell. It could never have been me. I did not shoot no deputy. Mr. Grant, the deputy, Friend to my whole family. He always tell me when John Brown Was getting ready to come around. [Chorus:] Don't blame me. Don't blame me. I hide it all except a few seeds And make him think I plant for me. When Mr. Grant and I know all the while We've got enough for the whole island. Three years now we sell it in town Under the bucket that goes down. No one knew of it but three: Mr. Grant, Davis and me. [Chorus] I swear by God it is a plot; Davis sent me here to rot. Listen people, can't you see Mr. Davis shot the deputy. [Chorus 2x]