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    The Essential R. Kelly (Explicit) 專輯封面

    歌名Same Girl 歌手名 R. Kelly


    Yo Ush.. What up Kells Wanna introduce you to this girl. Think I really love this girl. Yeah... Man she's so fine. Straight up dog... She stands about 5'4", coka cola, red bone Damn... She drives a black Durango license plate say Angel tattoo on her ankle plus she's making pesos. Gotta crib on Peachtree, right on 17th street and I call her Te Te. Wait a minute hold on dog. Do she got a kid? She love some waffle house? Do she got a beauty mark on the left side of her mouth? Went to Georgia Tech? Works for TBS? Man I can't believe this shit. Damn!! Tell me what's wrong dog what the hell you damnin' 'bout? I'm your homie so just say what's on your mind. Man I didn't know that you were talkin' 'bout her. So man you telling me you know her? Do I know her? Like a pastor know his word. We messing with the same girl, the same girl. How could the love of my life and my potential wife be the same girl? Man I can't believe that we've been messing with the same girl, the same girl. Thought she's someone I could trust but she's been doubling up with us. U. K. Man we been messing with same girl. See I met her at this party in ATLANTA!! Well I met her at this party in CHICAGO!! She came right up to me giving me conversation. I said "do you gotta a man?" she said "no" with no hesitation. Well, it must be a music thing 'cause she said the same to me. At party all in my face while I'm laughing and buying her drinks She whispered in my ear and said "can you take me home?" ME TOO!! Man she was in the Chi singing that same song Is that true? And I thought it was true confessions when she said "I LOVE YOU". Man I thought her body was calling when she said "I WANT YOU". Look I even got some pictures on my phone. Look at there. There she is with some boy shorts on. She's the apple of my eye and my potential wife. Man I just won't believe that we've been messing around with the same damn girl. Thought she was someone I could trust but she's been doubling up with both of us. Said she got me on a ring tone Are you talking about the pink phone? Uh uh the blue one Man she told me that was turned off. It's obvious that she's been playing us, playing us. 'cause constantly she's been lying to us, lying to us. Don't like the way that she's been going 'bout, going 'bout. Kells what you think that we should do about it, about it? Call her up at her home. She won't know that I'm on the phone. Yeah man that's the way. Homie we about to bust this trick. Ask her to meet up with you and I'm going to show up too And she won't know what to do. We'll be standing there.