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    鑀元素 專輯封面

    歌名別停下來(C.Y.E;C.Y.M) 歌手名 黃大煒


    當眼光通了電 亮起來 我們都找到了愛 不必太多對白 就有默契最精彩 也不是誰強求誰安排 純粹是美麗意外 等待遇上等待 熱情就趕走無奈 快走過來 別停下來 有些時候人就應該相信預感 幸福可以這麼簡單 了解也不難 有些時候人就應該夠坦白 順著感覺去勇敢 說愛 別停下來 You know we ought to try, to decide I'd rather we talk about it Just get it off your mind Don't you lister to your heart? I know we've been apart, from the start Wouldn't you like to admit it? We shouldn't let it end Just to learn to love again So close your eyes And clear your mind Baby tell me why we're so afraid to listen Frightened of each other's reasons Even as we hide Baby let me give you all i have to give It'll be another chance for us to try If we try


    專輯名 鑀元素
    歌手名 黃大煒
    發行日 2014-05-16