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    歌名真夏的逃獄者 (SMAP) 歌手名 椎名林檎


    椎名林檎 - 真夏の脱獄者 作詞:椎名林檎 作曲:椎名林檎 Stuck inside between us, I have no doubt Prison walls would free us, got to break out Danger sleeps beside us, so what could you do Leave it open wide and steal away Run free, come on with me Jump on my back And feel the sweat drip down Our hearts are screaming out Don't turn away, it's time to live Summertime for a day, each day So it sits before us, and I can't get through A great force is threatening the future you We are two survivors, and we won't be long Time is living on here day to day Come now, don't miss this time The summertime has nothing to forgive Just dive in with your eyes Don't be ashamed, it's nothing new The sky caught in the clouds As bright as blue light streaming into our lives now The darkened clouds heave heavy light as dark as bright This is life, black and white, each day Come look and see the dark it's sinking down into day So come here and sit with me Don't say a word Just let the world slip by through you Our hopeful noise, it only binds It only ties us into time Oh I just want to break out into you And run as free and hot as life And now I'm sure, we should go, Ready set, bye-bye