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    Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire To Win (Explicit) 野獸雄心 專輯封面

    歌名Hold On 歌手名 50 Cent


    (Verse) I woke up this mornin', this is insane Rich as a motherfucka, it ain't much changed Open my eyes, no suprise, I'm with a different bitch Different day, different ass, different tits Strap under my pillow, I don't want the jit I'm not supposed to do this shit, but I forget The true principles of life are supply and demand Guess if you never sold dope, it's hard to understand My man got knowledge of self, at my back God Find out today's mathematics when that Mac go off My temper volatile, grew up a violent child Fuck a boy scout, I air your ass out Nigga, nice chain, dice game, try your luck! Shoot a couple head cracks, leave while you up I'm a fly nigga, my denim vintage Gold medal around my neck like I won the Olympics (Hook) We came from nothing, now they saying we straight (Got that?) Nigga, hold up! (Let go on the cratch, son, it's cool) Hold on x2 (We got bad money, what eva) These niggas, they watching every dime we make (Y'all niggas gotta chill) Hold up! (Lets be cool about this shit, relax) Hold on x2 (Verse) We want that deluxe apartment in the sky with a clear view Instead we get the D's in the rear view We learn to play the game how it's 'posed to be played And so you know, you violate, you supposed to be sprayed! It's not a big deal to me, stay calm I'll shoot the shit out of a nigga, then call it Barrel Bombs But, if I don't do this shit myself, bet I get it done Shit on my nigga, you shit on me, we of one Used to do graffiti, now look we major Don't make me write my name 'cross yo face with a razor Re-Up, new joke, they say this sample the bomb This shit can take a two and we cut this bitch with a one Watch the fiends stand in line for the potency No lactose involved, pure coco leaf You can sniff that or cook that, to my belief That money coming in like we run the streets (Hook) We came from nothing, now they saying we straight (That's a bet, nigga, five are formed betta) Nigga, hold up! (Nigga, you gotta gamble the pot) Hold on x2 (I'm winnin', you loosin') These niggas, they watching every dime we make (You got the gamblin' problem!) Hold up! (Yeah, yeah) Hold on x2 (Wassup, what we doin'?) (Verse) This shit go how I said go when it's time to expand So say it's over your dead body and that's the plan You a gangster fo' real, you ready to ride Nigga, you gonna die a bad case of too much pride Check my DNA, homie I'm a different kind Hit the speed dial, that quick I'll get ya lined We don't want your block, just cop your work from us Those niggas you call allies can't be trust That Rollie all gold, I got the Midas touch Sometimes it's hard as hell not to touch stuff On the phone I heard "Yayo smacked the shit outta Kiy" Now Jimmy got life, we'll smack him again! When it's war, it will be war to the to the end If they ever say we lose, I start it again Let's sneak the niggas spray that Semi at your momma crib With a silencer we couldn't even hear that shit (Hook) We came from nothing, now they saying we straight (I don't fuck wit nigga, mane) Nigga, hold up! (These niggas is roaches, mane) Hold on x2 (Dirty ass niggas) These niggas, they watching every dime we make (Boy, you bet be easy, I ain't playn wit you, boy) Hold up! (Boy must have bumped yo muthafuckin' head or smth, boy!) Hold on x2 (I don't give a fuck about that old school shit) (Talkin' bout?! You got me fucked up, nigga)