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    A.K.A. 專輯封面

    歌名Let It Be Me 歌手名 Jennifer Lopez



    If the day comes that you must leave. Let me be the ground to your feet. If the day comes that you feel weak. Let me be the armor you need. Oh, if you falling in love is a crime. And the price to pay is my life. Give me sword, bring all the knives. Hand me the gun, I will not run. And when they spare everything but my pride. Don't you worry,boy, don't you cry. But when they ask? Who was the one, who got you love, Let it be me. If you ever make your last breath. Let me be the last word you say. And if right comes, but you choose left. I will be the first to forgive. Oh if heaven is a beautiful place. But those gates have enough space. And they lock you out. Spare you no flame. I will come down. If they're on my wings. And when the angels call me a fool. For giving all grace up for you. I won’t look back. But when they ask, who did you love, Let it be me. Let it be me. That you think of when everything tells you to give it up. Let it be me that will ankle your soul. Until the clouds fall out of the sky. And the snow fall out in July. Let it be me, that you think of. Let it be me, the one that you love. Until the flowers don't blow in May. And forever until the days. Let it be me! Let it be me! The one that you love.. Let it be me [x4]


    專輯名 A.K.A.
    歌手名 Jennifer Lopez
    發行日 2014-06-17