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    Lizzobangers 專輯封面

    歌名Be Still 歌手名 Lizzo



    I wake up every morning feeling like slapping a nigga Squeeze trigger, stay scheming then I realize I'm still dreaming Oops, sike! believing in believers ability to still scream for a nigga till you get nosebleeds I be so scuffed up from kicking them rocks And if you're so tough come run up and get clocked Tick tock tock tock If you got them slippery socks Yo i'mma give it all that i got To make a nigga slide in the vault Then bake a nigga dash in some salt I bring a nigga home and pole vault Then blame a nigga like it's your fault (You're fault!) I never understood and i will never understand The tolerance for ho-ishness that some of you people have "ME?" You, yeah you I'm talking to the middle man Like how you're content with giving someone else the upper hand Walking around your cubicle, your tie with your coffee mug Syphoning the hard earned work from the thugs and hustlers, cuz Takin a chill pill before i whip my sword out like uma in kill bill Makin niggas gasp like Emmitt Till And i'mma keep on giving you the gospel like God's will, Peace! Be Still This is God's will peace be still Can I fall in love before the world ends? Can my record get a few major spins? I'm saying I don't wanna think about tomorrow because i'm still hustling Until then, i guess it's just me, you, theses food stamps and cravings No raisins in the sun, just Funyins and a Sunkist, we up in the club making it mist Like a missed alcohol (though i see it every night) And that tylenol i take everyday period like midil Bye y'all, i'm moving on to other things by y'all But not quite bilateral, more like three floors up and down the hall Let the bygones be bygones, and try to keep the peace like Obama and Biden All my friends are talented, all my friends have mad skills All my girlfriends wear heels, all my niggas drug deal We're tight (sike)


    專輯名 Lizzobangers
    歌手名 Lizzo
    發行日 2014-01-01