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    Lizzobangers 專輯封面

    歌名Pants Vs. Dress 歌手名 Lizzo



    Aw yeah, ha-ha-ha South west alief Texas not born but raised I was kicking it in the west But mostly down in the trae Or maybe montrose for a picnic Galleria boy I was getting it Playing shows spreading my name But it was so hot the summer's insane At South by south west I was put to the Johnny test They wanted a freestyle battle Ok, pants vs dress One little line And them boys was impressed Ditched the southwest to Minneapolis I pull up to the minne and get buck wild Moving it shaking it by the pound West bank, wild n out Trying to see what that's all about First ave was recently My niggas sold it out for a week I step on the stage The scene was serene They ask my name Said it was queen I don't what that means But I know that its good Nefertiti flow gives you Anuksun wood Estrogen's in this testosterone heir So I'm going to sit in my throne And you can get in your chair I'm from that south west alief texas Boy we reckless Diamonds in our teeth Shining brighter than your necklace Aw snap, I got it like that Writing raps to the boom bap Setting off a click track Lyrical, spherical, psych Just mobbin And if you got that guap You better watch it cause we rob you Ben Taub you, life support Straight As in life check my progress report Address my court with piercing eyes Your knees are shaking can't hold your thighs I'm barely phased, hardly surprised I've been the queen, you're just another guy Marty mcfly, boy you better think I'm throwing everything at you like the kitchen sink Yep, so you can sit in your chair x3 I going to sit in my throne and you can sit in your chair x3 I'm throning


    專輯名 Lizzobangers
    歌手名 Lizzo
    發行日 2014-01-01