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    The Studio Album Collection, Volume One 專輯封面

    歌名Clockwatching 歌手名 Jason Mraz


    Take off, both your, shoes and clothes, I'll follow. Undo, corkscrew, drink from the top of a broken bottle. Lately we're running out of time, aren't we? Smoking, often, and calling out our guilty pleasures, Let's keep, talking, anything to stop clockwatching. Lately we're running out of time, aren't we? Crazy for running all the time, m-m-m-m-maybe. Let's forget we're running out of time. I'm off like an airplane, I'm licking your postage stamp again. I'm using my right brain and I'm praying the weight will crash. Who knew I'd come/cum so fast. Well so what if a two pump chump can't last. I finally made it to three, and I foreclose a five minute, fantasy. I'll surely fight making love on economy/on account of me (not sure). No jumping, conclusions, I don't think there's no solution, Let's get, backwards, And forget our restless destination. Let's live in this moment just this time, could we? Just take one moment of our time m-m-m-m-maybe. Let's forget we running out of time. I'm off like an airplane, I'm catching my second wind again. I'm using my left brain And I'm righting all my wrongs. I'm yearning to turn you on. I've been working on getting you off, so get on board. when the matter is too delicate. My loneliness is evident. And its you, You're running through my mind and it makes me c-c-crazy cra-cra-crazy. La la la La la la la la La la la (ooooooo, so amazing) La la la la la la La la la Laaaa oh oh Laaaaaa lo oh oh oh Lady, dreamer, you might be the soundest sleeper, Tonight, sleep tight, and build your nest upon my shoulder.