Remission (feat. Jennifer Hudson & Common)

Remission (feat. Jennifer Hudson & Common)

Lupe Fiasco



The Show Goes On

The Show Goes On

The Show Goes On



If I had a dollar, for every time they counted me out And my back was up against the wall I could have died but I came out fighting, fighting I could have died but I came out fighting With a breast full of lumps, man she ain't no punk Said he gonna ride on it like a chopper in a trunk Pink ribbon woman, she gone live forever Even though the doctor said she only get a month Said "It's my life, and you onle get in once" These flowers smell too damn good to be living in the funk So I finna get it in, and I finna get it crunk And I finna get to living, ey-ey-ey-eyes on remission from the junk Breast cancer can't hold me back That's the answer when they told me that It can knock me down, but I'm gon' be back, strong Down for whatever, exceptional and I don't know how to quit And I never said never, you can have that hair cause real talk bitch I think I look better, let's do it Fighter, with everything inside her Reporting live from Death Row, drop the charges see you life uh Cellphones and your lighters, need you to put 'em up higher So many candles on her birthday cake, might set the thing on fire My daddy say he got it in his prostate When I went to see him, he had lost weight Trying to find the words in a lost state, of mind Pictures on the wall that remind Me of the times that we once had Had to take my daughter to see granddad Pop, pop, nothing's impossible, you never been logical I know what doctor's do, I know what God can do Abdominal pain, hard to explain For you to get better, it starts in your brain Life ain't a game, the fight it remains, dance in the rain When it first came, I was like damn Then I start thinkin', then I start praying Spirits went up, count went down You gon' live forever, how you living now Fighter, definition of a rider Got all that ishh about you, with what you got inside ya Cellphones and your lighters, put them things up higher Even when you tired, you keep me inspired Went undiagnosed and untreated When they finally found it, told me too far along and he couldn't beat it But he couldn't see it, miss me with that dead talk Miss me, my legs walk and my hearts beats and my wife witness So fuck cancer, my life with me, and if I die, it die with me
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