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    歌名I Bow Out 歌手名 Whitney Houston


    "I Bow Out" Tired of playing this game And I won’t play it no more And I won’t take it no more Through with being your fool And I won’t do it no more And I won’t, I won’t keep up this act Not for one minute I’m gonna pull, I’m gonna pull this curtain down [Chorus:] This time I won’t play this game I made a vow to make a change And I bow out I won’t be hanging around, baby I decline to take the pain And I resign the masquerade And I bow out I won’t be staying around, baby I bow out Can’t go on with the show You’re just a stage I went through Now you’re just fading from view, yeah baby It’s time for a change of scene Guess I’ll be taking my leave I guess I won’t, I won’t stay in this play Not for one minute I’m gonna make, I’m gonna make my exit now Oh baby [Repeat Chorus] When you’re left standing on that stage all alone Maybe you will realize You should of learned to treat me right And when this final act is finally through Maybe you’ll wish you’d been The kind of man you should have been Now watch me say goodbye And walk right out of your life Oh baby, all right babe [Repeat Chorus until fade]