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    If You Want Blood You've Got It (Live) 稱心如意 專輯封面

    歌名Bad Boy Boogie 歌手名 AC/DC



    On the day I was born The rain fell down There was trouble brewin' in my home town It was the seventh day I was the seventh son And it scared the hell out of everyone They said drop, I said go They said fast, I said slow They said yes, I said no I do the bad boy boogie Bein' a bad boy ain't that bad I had me more dirty women than most men ever had All you women come along with me And I'll show you how good a bad boy can be I said right and they said left I said east and they said west I said up and they said down I do the bad boy boogie All over town I wouldn't tell you no story Tell you no lie I was born to love till the day I die I just line em up And I knock 'em down And they all came a runnin' when the word got around Just keep a runnin' (Bad boy boogie) I said up They said down (Bad boy boogie) They said straight I said round (Bad boy boogie) They said lost I said found (Bad boy boogie) I said free And they said bound Bad boy boogie Do the bad boy boogie Bad boy boogie Bad boy boogie