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    歌名Twistable Turnable Man with 張傑邦 歌手名 岑寧兒


    Twistable Turnable Man with張傑邦 岑寧兒 作詞:SHEL SILVERSTEIN 作曲:BIRD, ANDREW WEGMAN 編曲:奇哥 He's the Twistable Turnable Squeezable Pullable Stretchable Foldable Man He can crawl in your pocket or fit your locket Or screw himself into a twenty-volt socket Or stretch himself up to the steeple or taller Or squeeze himself into a thimble or smaller Yes he can, course he can He's the Twistable Turnable Squeezable Pullable Stretchable Shrinkable Man And he lives a passable life With his Squeezable Lovable Kissable Hugable Pullable Tugable Wife And they have two twistable kids Who bend up the way that they did And they turn and they stretch Just as much as they can For this Bendable Foldable Do-what-you're-toldable Easily moldable Buy-what you're-soldable Washable Mendable Highly Dependable Buyable Saleable Always available Bounceable Shakeable Almost unbreakable Twistable Turnable Man


    專輯名 here
    歌手名 岑寧兒
    發行日 2015-01-15