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    異想世界 專輯封面

    歌名The Lonesome Dreamer 2002 歌手名 陳潔儀


    The lonesome Dreamer 作詞:Kit Chan 作曲:Kit Chan&Case Woo The lonesome dreamer I adore her face Raven black tresses Framing her pale face The lonesome dreamer Why can't I be you I haven't got the courage To dream all alone You see it in her face All the pain But she's trying to smile To sing, to laugh To live, to love To lie, to die She says, She says, She says The lonesome dreamer You pretty angel You don't need a man In your Never-never Land Can I get closer Can I touch your hands Will you still be there for me When our eyes meet


    專輯名 異想世界
    歌手名 陳潔儀
    發行日 2002-09-01