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    異想世界 專輯封面

    歌名Echoes 歌手名 陳潔儀


    Echoes 作詞:陳潔儀 作曲:Shiaw/Casewoo I know you heard me call But you turned and walked away The sun, it hits so hard But not so hard as my voice My voice against the wall *Echoes Echoes Echoes All I hear are ehoes. Shadows Shadows Shadows All I see are shadows. You know you make me so mad 'Cos I hate being the fool I keep falling, falling Eating the dust you left behind I've finally reached the shore The waves wash over me Cleaning the wounds And cleaning you too Your concrete heart is cured By the art of breathing water


    專輯名 異想世界
    歌手名 陳潔儀
    發行日 2002-09-01