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    Reflection (Deluxe) 專輯封面

    歌名Everlasting Love 歌手名 Fifth Harmony


    Fifth Harmony - Everlasting Love Eva, eva, eva (uh) Oh, eva, eva, eva (Fifth Harmony, baby) Oh, eva, eva, eva (Let's go) Oh, everlasting love (Another one) [Lauren:] Always looking over my shoulder cause I don't ever wanna miss you I been thinking about you daily I can't wait to see your face I don't even know you but I know that I can't wait to kiss you Somehow I know when we finally lock eyes that you'll feel the same way [Pre-Chorus - Camila:] You're gonna be all I've needed You make me feel like a dream Whoever you are Baby, you are The one I'm waiting for [Chorus - Dinah:] You're my ever- everlasting love My ever- everlasting love And I'm never ever giving up til your laying next to me I'm lookin' for that ever- everlasting love Forever ever kind of touch And I'll never ever get enough Baby, we were meant to be [Ally:] Ain't no use in wastin' my time on just anybody, baby I want exceptional, original someone I can't deny I'm in love with you already I know it sounds crazy But I hope you save all you got for me cause (baby) you're all mine [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] Everlasting love Everlasting love Everlasting love My everlasting love [Normani:] I don't even know your name But I can't get you off my brain Darling, I can hardly wait Til I can get to know you You'll be beautifully insane Infinitely all for me Promise you'll (be) glad you came I can't wait to show you [Chorus] Everlasting love Everlasting love Everlasting love My everlasting love