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    Brass Knuckles (UK iTunes Exclusive Edition) 專輯封面

    歌名Hold Up (Album Version (Explicit)) 歌手名 Nelly


    We doing a hundred on the highway switchin' lane after lane If the po po come then let them ain't no stopping today We brought out them horses tonight the big blocks Dual cams chrome pipes I know you hear them Please who in your hood wouldn't trade places with me? If I ain't what you're tryin' to be then why you hustling see? To be young black and rich and thank the combination Tell me when it's switched I need to know listen Maybe the problem is you thinking too small You niggas only want to rap and that's all Your only goal is to buy out the mall my goal to buy me a mall You want to stunt for the summer I'm trying to buy me the fall It's a MySpace lick you know how heavy hits MySpace get yow It's like I'm hurtin' feelings just by telling the truth I'm hurtin' feelings in and out of this booth now listen You see me sitting in a turning lane you're a **** mine a bigger man You always braggin' â