Wake up Our generation

Wake up Our generation




Wake up! Our generation(醒來吧!我們的世代!) 作詞:魏翔鎰 作曲:OBSESS Wake up! Our generation 醒來吧!我們的世代! I am not going to tell you what to do 我不會再告訴你該怎麼做 It’s just like we said, you have to make your own choices 就像我們說的你要做出你自己的選擇 Using it to Get What You Want 使用它來得到你想要的東西 Don't let it fall out from hands again 別讓他再從手中溜走 Now stand up get yourself ready for fighting 現在站起來,準備好你自己的戰鬥 They took everything, and now we get it back to you 他們拿走了所有東西,現在我們全部討回來 That's why I'm here to wait. Now I will back you up. 這也是為什麼我會在這裡等著,我將會當你的後盾 Don't put me back into the past. I can't go back 別把我推回過去,我不能夠再回去 One day, we'll grow up together to create a fantastic world 有一天,我們將一起成長,創造ㄧ個美好的世界 So look at me, you must to do now. What should we do? You are ready to get up 你看著我 你現在就要 我們該做什麼 你已經準備好要動身! I’ll carry you. This time, I won't stop. Now prove your bravery. You are ready to rise. 我扛著你 我不會停下 現在證明你的勇氣 你已經準備好要起來! woo oh oh oh ! woo oh oh oh !(rise again!) woo oh oh oh ! woo oh oh oh ! Every time, we are always by your side. (by your side) 每一次,我們總是在你身邊 Day by day, and we never forget. Keep the faith, believe and be brave 日復一日,我們從未忘記,秉持著信念,相信著勇氣 Day by day, and we never forget. Keep the faith. So wake up! Our generation 日復一日,我們從未忘記,秉持著信念,所以醒來吧!我們的世代!


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