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    6號地下鐵 專輯封面

    歌名Talk About Us (Album Version) 歌手名 Jennifer Lopez


    專輯:On The 6 / J. Lo 歌曲: Talk About Us 作詞:Cory Rooney I saw u and fell I love You saw me and fell in love too You and me we fell in love With each other last night I told u I was concerned You told me of your concerns too Yet and still we both decided To make love last night Baby please tell me Where do we go from here my love What r we doing baby Boy you gotta let me know Why can't we live the way we want I want the world to know I just gotta let it show What do we stand to lose If beeing together I what we choose Oh my love I think we should talk about us Could this be a crazy dream And if so then your dreaming too 'Cause I kow fo sure that You feel the same as I do Could it be that we culd be wrong Even though we're feeling s right I don't care because I know That I want you tonight And I know you wan tme too You see all me life I've waited Waited all my life Just to be with someone like you


    專輯名 6號地下鐵
    歌手名 Jennifer Lopez
    發行日 2015-04-15