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    Drones 專輯封面

    歌名Dead Inside 歌手名 Muse


    Dead inside Revere a million prayers And draw me into your holiness But there's nothing there Light only shines from those who share Unleash a million drones And confine me then erase me, babe Do you have no soul? It's like it died, long ago Your lips feel warm to the touch You can bring me back to life On the outside, you're ablaze and alive But you're dead inside (Guitar solo) You're free to touch the sky Whilst I am crushed and pulverised Because you need control Now I'm the one who's letting go You like to give an inch Whilst I am giving infinity But now I've nothing left You have no cares and I'm bereft Your skin feels warm to caress I see magic in your eyes On the outside, you're ablaze and alive But you're dead inside Feel me now, hold me please I need you to see who I am Open up to me, stop hiding from me It's hurting, babe Only you can stop the pain Don't leave me out in the cold Don't leave me out to die I gave you everyhing, I can't give you any more Now I've become just like you My lips seem warm to the touch My words seem so alive My skin is warm to caress I'll control and hypnotise You've taught me to lie without a trace And to kill with no remorse On the outside I'm the greatest guy Now I'm dead inside


    專輯名 Drones
    歌手名 Muse
    發行日 2015-06-05