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    真實的謊言 專輯封面

    歌名Mucky Fingers 歌手名 Oasis


    I know you think you deserve An explanation on the meanings of life But what you think that you heard Slipped away out the back of your mind You'll get your mucky fingers burned You'll get your truth from the lies you were learned When all your plastic believers will leave us They won't return And when you look in that mirror And you're tying up your buttons and bows And as you face your disease You can squeeze into the emperor's clothes You found your God in a paperback You get your history from the Union Jack And all your brothers and sisters have gone And they won't come back I'm fed up with life in the city All the phonies have blown my mind When I'm gone, you look like you'd miss me So, come along with me, but don't ask why 'Cause it's all mine It's all mine It's all mine It's all mine It's all mine It's all mine It's all mine It's all mine


    專輯名 真實的謊言
    歌手名 Oasis
    發行日 2015-05-27