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    ZABA (Deluxe) 專輯封面

    歌名Hazey 歌手名 Glass Animals


    Your baby's falling you know I'm talking now You know I'm dancing you know I'm racing round You know you're so juiced you said you kicked the booze You know I'll get boomed you know that I'm just a boy Come back baby don't you cry Don't you drain those big blue eyes I've been crawling Come back baby don't you cry Just you say the reason why I keep calling you You say I'm balling I say I'm begging why You take my photo I fake my breaking smile And I'm fucking loco I can't get through to you You told you knows you spark up and I can go


    專輯名 ZABA (Deluxe)
    歌手名 Glass Animals
    發行日 2014-06-06