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    Time (Deluxe) 專輯封面

    歌名Brighton Beach (Live From The Troubadour, West Hollywood/2013) 歌手名 Rod Stewart


    I remember when you were only 17 You were the finest girl that my eyes had ever seen I guess you found it hard to simply just ignore This scruffy beat up working class teenage troubadour So we fell in love and I tuned your heart With my out of tune guitar You were wonderful, you were mystical And the envy of all of my friends Seems like only yesterday Under the stars on Brighton beach Oh what a time it was What a time to be alive Remember Janice and Jimmy Kennedy and King How they cried I sang to you the songs of Lamb and Jack You were Greta Garbo and I was Cadillac And we played so hard and we loved so hard Seemed we never ever slept There were crazy days, there were wonderful days And I loved you with all of my heart Seems like only yesterday Under the stars on Brighton beach Your daddy had plans that did not include me And he won't stay away from your door And I dreamed how I dreamed I could steal you away To some far distant shore Then early one morning I awoke to find you gone You wrote 'I love you baby But it's time for me to move on' And so my teenage heart laid scattered on the floor I swear to God I could not have loved you anymore And as I sit here the night, playing with my kids Wondering where you are in this world Did you find your man, are you happy now? Do you ever stop and think about me How I long for yesterday Under the stars on Brighton beach.


    專輯名 Time (Deluxe)
    歌手名 Rod Stewart
    發行日 2013-01-01