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    I Run 專輯封面

    歌名I Run 歌手名 Jennifer Hudson



    [Verse 1] Oh Lord Through the pain, oh Oh and through the stress I know somehow It has to get better yeah Sometimes you get left yeah Left with nothing at all Oh still, I-I know, I know it will [Chorus] So I'll run, run, run on through I-I'll press, press my way Press my way through yeah [Verse 2] When you took my heart, ohh You know you took my soul I wonder, how could the world be so cold, oh oh But I'm reminded of something oh, uh That the Bible says that one day death and crying will be no more [Chorus] So I'll run, no I'll run on through yeah And I'll press, press my way on through Oh I'll run, run on, run on through I'll press, press all through, press through [Bridge] Said I got faith to move mountains Oh, I got faith in miracles yeah Faith that I would be alright, I yeah yeah yeah As I come and as I go Faith to believe that his word is true yeah yes that his word is true And I can make it, yes I can. Look at all he's brought me through yeah Lord, well see I keep running on, running, running on, running on through [Outro] See imma press my way Keep pressing away Pressing my way all through Oh I'll run


    專輯名 I Run
    歌手名 Jennifer Hudson
    發行日 2015-11-13