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    R. Kelly 專輯封面

    歌名Trade In My Life 歌手名 R. Kelly


    Trade in my life Oh for you oh yes oh yes Trade in my life for you Sittin' here wonderin' how did things go wrong Every night asking myself what happened to our happy home Will I ever see you again I need to know my friend Now the past has gone away but tomorrow's on it's way Though the sun is going down I need you around I'm willing to trade in my life Now I'm sitting here Reminiscing on what we used to share And how we used to be such a happy pair oh yeah I cannot believe we've thrown it all away Tell me will I see you again someday? Now the past is gone away But tomorrow's on it's way Though the sun is going down And I need you around - trade We both know that we made a vow Said we'd always be together That our love would endure yes But now you're gone and I'm all alone But I need you here and I'm willing to trade it I mean it from the bottom of my heart Tell me are you with me are you willing to trade it And I don't even have to think about it twice Hey I'll trade it Somebody help me say I'll trade it Until you return to me I'm gonna stay on my hands and knees And when I see you I'm gonna stand up And reach my hands out to you and trade it Said I love my music and I love my fans But I've got to step back Look at this thing like it sure enough is Tell me do you remember when we used to say Everything is in their love tell me What does it profit a man To gain the world and lose his soul? I'm gonna trade it to be with you


    專輯名 R. Kelly
    歌手名 R. Kelly
    發行日 1995-11-13