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    Liquid 專輯封面

    歌名Let Me Fly 歌手名 Liquid


    I've seen the coldest days. Feeling trapped, I was half crazed You led me up and through. I want to come through for you It's time to break down walls. Blast outta here once and for all Let Me Fly I want to live, I want to play, I want to win I want more than just a stone when I die Let Me Fly I want to be the one who climbs and suddenly finds My, I'm up so high in the sky I want to fly The plans are all in place, aligning time and space Just like a butterfly, where each move is magnified You feel it well in your soul. Once it hits it's out of control Let Me Fly Set me free and watch me light up all the sky And do it right before your eyes Let Me Fly I want to reach out and touch so many minds And make them go so high I want to fly I'm here in my head. They call this the zone. The road here was hard but I've made it this far I won't be denied, I'm coming home Let Me Fly I want you hearing me. I want you feeling me I want to be there in your heart (yeah) Let Me Fly You took this seriously and since that day how I've believed They'll find us up in the stars I want to fly


    專輯名 Liquid
    歌手名 Liquid
    發行日 2016-02-01