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    Adult 專輯封面

    歌名Kenka Joutou -Active Fighting- 歌手名 東京事變


    こっちの心根量らずと、一体如何云う御了見 そうした喧嘩は手前から、売ってやりんす上等よ 待てこら未だ答えは聞けちゃ居ないのさ 洗い浚い吐け今宵は常套句なんて通用しないと思え I'm so angry with you, sorry. You should concentrate on cheering me up. But it's too late now, you've lost your chance, it's gone. You never once realized how bad our dilemma had got. Stop it, honey, cheeky! Why can't you see it my way just this time? Silence, naughty, fussy! I am really sick of you. And I hate you. That's right you love me so much, don't you. I should thank you for that, maybe. But it's no use how what a giant waste of time. Because I have never felt any weight in your words to me. Shut up!! Stop it, honey, snooty! Why don't we just look at our bullshit then? Iffy, crappy, scrappy! You would be best off alone. I am really sick of you. And I hate you.


    專輯名 Adult
    歌手名 東京事變
    發行日 2016-08-22